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summer heat cannot beat miracle

2016-11-05 11:55:00

scorching sun like a flame

plant in field is half withered

field destination is unshaken

miracle new project is completed


miracle new project is completedin the history, the guandu battle took place in zhongmou region. today, the zhongmou region becomes miracle’s stage.

under attention of our company and nissan, the zhengzhou zhongmo  project start the field installation at may 20, 2015. until now, there is 3 months. 3 months is not a long time, but we finished the installation and adjustment of pbs, chassis, trim and seat line; 3 months is not a long time, but we overcame the difficulties from safety, quality and schedule; 3 months is not a long time, but we write a magnificent chapter in miracles history.

this project is located in central plains, it was hot and dry, but none of miracle employees gave up, instead, they were high morale, and forged a-head. site managers were active at every corner and leaved sweats at every area that has been installed. during the inspection on safety nets, i asked the construction workers if they felt hot. a young man from henan answered, “it is good for perspiration and lose weight, i lost 3.5 kilogram this month.” it just like a small joke, only the persons have worked on site can understand the real meaning. 

project department guard safety strictly. safety is the life of a company, safety is expectation of families, a perfect engineering project cannot leave safety. all the members of project management always remind others and himself safety first. there is no end for safety, and there is also no stop for safety. we shall not have the thought of everything is just fine because of we follow todays request. i remember the first meeting  with the project team when i went to the site: today you knock off safely, and only then i can catch a break. only you complete the task completely and arrive at home happily, then we can sleep well. site personal protection, safety practices and 5s are the work key points. we will pay close attention to safety work until the end of the project.

project department controls the quality strictly. quality is the life of the project works, no quality requirements of the project is doomed to fail.

it will not only affects the life and use of equipment, but also affect the company's reputation. project department construction management, quality inspector always adhere to their installation requirements, of "quality first". request the installation team to keep the quality all the time,  the verticality of each dropper, the butt joint of each net, the linearity of each rails and so son, all of them show our request standards from our project department. we will always adhere to the "quality first," installation requirements, and keep it throughout the whole course of the project, and turn in a satisfactory answer to nissan.

project department controls the progress strictly. progress is the soul of project. the project without progress undoubtedly is dull, aimlessly. it will not show miracles management level, and  will cause the project proceeding aimless lily with a chaos site. the project department whose major member is project manager qiang qinfeng follows the company and nissan's time plan strictly to proceed the installation. construction manager wu longyong walk two kilometers away with the scorching sun to push the subcontractors to complete the steel structure earlier. some times, he walked to the subcontractors 3 times a day just with one purpose-to ensue the project can be proceeded according to the time plan. all members of project department from up to down always strive forward to follow the project schedule. resolving party as installation proceeding worries again and again. and get green smile marks for miracles schedule on the party as overall schedule again and again.

there is too much to say, all in one word, we only have one hope that is to ensure the project can be safely, on time and successfully completed. apply nissan's motto,  we members out of miracle will always understand the company, accompany and achieve with the company.

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